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Oh how you love to blame US for the BLOOD???? on our hands if YOU aren't allowed to speak. As was already said, homosexuality is an issue between consenting adults. Or perhaps even teens(but that is their choice same as if they chose to date the opposite sex). Do you think you're a counselor for pedophiles on here? They can go to a real counselor. And I think you need one as well. Yes it CAN be what you are writing(I dont appreciate your avatar of a young boy either). You in so many words make veiled threats that "feminists" and hateful women are attacking you and spurring to commit another crime! Why don't you take responsibility for yourself and quit harassing EP with your whining when it is only logical that people are going to dislike someone who says they have an attraction to children...especially people who have been victims of a *********. I imagine it's very hurtful to them. So why don't you put that effort you use to maintain a profile on here and go to a counselor and stop worrying about other pedophiles. They need to take care of their own business. It's things like this(among others) that make me want to be on EP less and less.
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EParsineh sent me a PM, he got kicked again and was reported to the authorities and hopefully won't return again!!!! I suggest you delete this story, what if the police asks you to give testifying evidence in court to lock him away using this? We did our part to get him under the eye of the police, so now we should just drop it!

second thought, keep it up, people can learn from this post!!! Hell I did!

Post like these can help victims heal and release their pent up anger!

Im leaving it.

Jesus...we cant add logos to peoples groups huh? I like your last sentence...that guy can fall on my kitchen knife. Im sick sick sick of him. Come to WI ***** I'll make your sex drive go away. (pedo not you kitten lmao)<br />
DONT YOU UNDERSTAND MOLESTING A KID ***** THEIR HEAD UP FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE? EP get your head out of your *** and go find this guy. My ex talked **** to teen girls and ended up in jail. Surely this guy can at least get a talking to by the police.?

yeah that still gets to me ..I came here to be with a guy and we break up and it turns out hes saying God knows what to underage girls..must have been pretty bad for a SWAT team to bust that like made me a little PTSD'ed out..I feel like a fool..I hope hes happy in that halfway house...freak

What is the time? EP admin still in bed maybe? They do not work on sundays!

No not on the weekend. Doesn't matter.

I don't think wishing rape or joking about rape is in the nicest term I can think of "appropriate"...ever .

I don't either. I have fantasies BUT I don't condone it. That's my own issues in my messed up world.

Oh but then dente must be some saint to be so "good" and forgiving towards her enemies not wishing them hell... Awww...I see the reply got deleted, it was meant to cheer kittychanel up thinking of what he may be awaiting in prison!

Who my ex? He got out a while ago. Hes living in a halfway house. Prison sucks but he was a dumbass.

LOLOL okay maybe there he'll get some arse lashing hoo hoo!

Ugh hes quite pitiful. He just needs to learn how to not want to dominate teen girls.

By being put in their position, playing the bottom and not the top...he'll know how it feels to be humiliated then!

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I just dont give a flying ****. Pedos and fake friends can die.

I really do not understand where that pedobear is so popluar sh!xt came in??? WTF.... She made it sound as if he is a famous pedo troll all over the web hee hee hee okay whateves.

anything pedo isnt funny

She says no matter how innocent bear look he ******* bad... Okay dente me understands now...and think we all agree on that!

Huh? Who?

I understand kittenhasa, I do not like people who say we should treat pedo's like human beings...they are ANIMALS and treat others as such as well, so it is only fair to "do unto them as they do unto others", treat them like animals in turn!

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Sorry who the **** cares what is the origin of his previous username, I didn't know it was some internet meme for mocking people going after jailbait, I knew from just the "pedo plus bear" that it must be a pedo (*********) man (bear) is pretty obvious...besides there is another pro pedo arse on here having a picture of a cartoon girl with a little bear in her LOOK cool for kids we know what he his and he is not ashamed to tell the world, so why now want to commit suicide!? I really do not get these psychos sometimes, first they are proud and boasting on how COOL it is to be what they are almost like gays, and when they are met with judgement they wanna commit suicide... Okay whatever... Sounds more like a cowardly attention wh--o--re than anything else! Cannot get enough attention from his "yay pedo" stories now he pretends to be in depro wanting to take his life to see if he will get a stronger energy feed from that...mmm..seriously!!!!

Easier ...pedobear is a meme ... Its not funny ha ha...started on 4 Chan... Is meant to point out that no matter how "innocent" pedophiles want to pretend who they are or what they do isn't ... Its meant as a insult to those who pretend that somehow pedophiles aren't bad...sorry to even bother

Im woth you. All the deception on the net. Im so happy things are going to improve. We need pur jobs in our countries. Rebuild each nations indusyries. This dosent work. E.P is great but a few trolls can destroy your world.

@celest Rotten apples ruining the whole batch ... What makes it worse is feeling helpless to stop it in a meaningful permanent way.

The world is going down a shithole. 2012 is the year.

A self-confessed ********* admitting to molesting and still having this intense desire for little kids in the smallest detail from flip flops, in yoga positions to having feminine futures still being able to come on here and harass EP members and violating EP TOS by intentionally writing horrible material lusting after children and using this site as a medium to promote the crime pedophelia; well this just makes me super mad... And trolls like him should not be protected by EP admin and should be allowed to be slandered and be exposed for the filth they really are!!!! Especially after the fool got banned and came back to harass more members!!!!

Treating pedophiles is a tricky business. Even with counseling, I have heard them say the desire never goes away.

They never truly want to heal, they just go for counseling for she show, to make people think they are rehabilitated and "safe" to have around their is all a joke to a criminal's mind they are never a criminal, and the world owes them always and not the other way around...especially if they like what they do and can get away with it by faking rehabilitation treatment!

I've met someone on here like that. Not a pedo but a sociopath who thought he was "perfect" and better than everyone else. Annoying as fack. I fought that facker tooth and nail. Tried to bring me down every way he could and threatened me with torture and death. But I knew what a loser he was. Genius my ***.

No wonder they are suicidal, they are already miserable, no need to try and make them feel more shittty about themselves...but we might just drive them over the edge and do society a favour and them to rid them of their misery for now until they get to hell that is hahaha

I have worked with some pedophiles in the past as a result of working for the state. I worked with clients that were deemed not able to participate in their own defense due to a mental defect i.e. mental retardation and or mental illness. These individuals never were shameful of what they did. They could never understand what they did was wrong. To them it was always either the child's fault or at least the child was an equal participant. Most are not cured. In my case the guys I worked with were sent to Level D group homes, which were in the country and had plans that would exclude contact with children. This guy that is posting either knows the world of the ********* well enough to carry on a prank or is a real *********. It scares me that he has a child. I hope he is caught soon.

Believe me when they lure a child in they know it is their fault, but when caught goes into denial to act all innocent...they are skilled liars and know for a fact what they are doing is wrong, yet know exactly what excuses to make such as mental illness BS or it is the child's fault when it comes to the pity partying stage of their criminal ventures...they want people to pity them, because they like all the attention...when they cannot get it from the child any more they like to get it in another way!

It is just fascinating as to how they go from making victims of people to playing the victim card themselves... could be some guilt trip, wanting to actually feel abused after abusing others...maybe it is their way of saying sorry? "Oh look at me I am the victim now, never meant to make you one" oh now but now it is the child's fault, the child is the predator all of a sudden... Oh please... Just another lie to make the child think it is all their fault it happened, to make the pedo look clean...pedo psychology seriously how far would they not go to torture the kid, still even after caught red handed, they would still blame the child and seek to shift the blame on the child? Huh WTF?!!! Cruelty knows no bounds and they have no right to say they love children. They cannot face the fact that they are criminals, so make one out of the child...I think pedos are afraid of mirrors...and live in fear of their own reflection...that is why they act like vampires draining children of their energy...they do not want to face themselves so dump it all on the child...cowards!


Any disorder which becomes interwoven during puberty with sexual desire or drive is usually never truly "curable" .... Recidivism rates are very high. The only treatment deemed effective by most health professionals is castration (medical) combined with traditional cognitive and behavioral therapy ... Most pedophiles refuse station even medical castration which leads a lot of people to believe that they truly don't want to be cured and will offend again

Castration won't help, you got to cut off all things they are able to penetrate or abuse a child's body with... The tongue, toes, legsn fingers, ears everything!!!!!

Bullets are the only way to end it. Why support perverts who prey on the innocent with out tax dollars? Rehabilitation is a joke. These are monsters dressed in human skin.

Yes I agree, unfortunately some furkctards like to treat pedo's like humans... Wow!!!! Until one of them does something to one of their children, then we will see...but Oh I forgot some of these pedo lovers do not even care about their children enough to even care!!!!

I guess their parents and other adults in the community that like to treat pedo's like civilized human beings are animals too indirectly aiding the pedo beast in his/her crime!!!

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Could this be what all that pedo bear garbage on facebook a few years ago? That ithink group?

Pedobear is an unfunny meme

I never read that stuff. I wasnt much of an ithinker i guess.

What is ithink?

A facebook app. They found my basic silly questions blasse. So i didnt stay. But noticed my ex trolling for pedo this pedo that etc. I was really grossed hed go there

Funny. Im on Facebook a lot. Havent seen it. your ex is weird. :(

My ex is dangerous. Ive been through hell bc of marrying him. I should have known better. He also likes writing world leaders and insulting them as me. What a nightmare.

Wow..what a winner!

Was explaining pedobear to celeste ... That's cut n pasted from wiki.

Don't know why that is offensive. Also don't know why it is responded to with unrelated mean spiritedness.

Noone wants to deal w **********. Not here. The unknown isnt secure. Its NOT funny. And xD sucks!!!! Whatever THAT means

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I flagged these stories. He wrote a confession saying he wants to kill himself and people are feeling sorry for him. He's like I wish I liked little girls instead of little boys it would be more normal. Why do we have to hear his bullshit?

Thanks kitty. This person needs help.

He needs to get off EP. His neighbors need to know what he is and lock up their children.

I think i might know who he is.

My ex-bf? Haha no he was into teens but still...Im sick of enduring mens fake masks and sicknesses

Little boy, little girl it still stays a kid AKA pedophelia, wtf is he thinking? Sex matters now all of a sudden? I hope he kills himself and succeed, he will do the world a favour and prevent himself from harminf any more innocent children and himself...hahaha...maybe in hell when he rots in his cell stan's demons can whip the desire out of him so that he can heal from this devil of desire torturing him, haha as if?! LMFAO

He was into teens? That just shows they cannot handle mature relationships!!!! And are truly cowards/little men in an adult body!!!!

He dosent quit ever. Trolled my family school love life u name it if my fam knew it he attacked it. Of course he was so sweet when we met.

Ive warned ppl in the past. But now theyre finally seeing the big pic i see. He wont suicide. He wants me to. Nope. Aint gonna happen.

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Apparently he got kicked off this site, and his stories remained without his username attached, now he is posting duplicates of the same stories with the same username probably under a different IP adress using a different server that is why he keeps coming back. <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

This ****** me off!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just glanced at it..I cant stand the **** he writes.

Yeah he describes in detail...what the hell, and we should not hate him...he wants to get heard like posting his stories over and over, as many of their sick ilk to get some sympathy or green card or a law to be passed in favour of them to take it easy on baffles me. They clearly see no wrong in what they do and promoting pedophelia using EP is apparently COOL to them, which only draws more pedo sh!xt to this site, as they drool over his sick and twisted musing oin how he likes boys in flipflops and yoga positions...looking a little like girls. Sad... I hope the kid he confesses to abusing grows up to hunt him down and rip his balls from his body and leave him to bleed to death!

Uh..don't know what to's a video of a wonderful song!<br />

i have joined the groups that say i like teens and younger girls and i'll say here like a say to every one for me mind play is 99% of it. As for a real pedo get a foot long wick for T-n-T lube it up with castrol oil and once u have it inserted light it up so he can find out what hell feals like, i've done it before and will gladly do it again to any sac o **** that diserves it.

lol..nothing that would brighten your day

This just makes me super mad... And trolls like him should not be protected by EP admin and should be allowed to be slandered and be exposed for the filth they really are!!!!

Especially after the fool got banned and came back to harass more members!!!!

I'm missing everything. *crawls back in inbox*

just hide. this aint gonna be pretty in the least.

Yeah he wants to kill himself now and making a scene of it in the confessions department to get sympathy for a disease or desire he is clearly NOT sorry for having nor plan kicking anytime soon...when will he realize nobody cares about people who do not care about the well being of children?!

Tis time to take the pedo down.

He keeps coming back and posting duplicates of his stories under the old account!

he's persistent

Oh no hes back! and sayin pedophiles molest children because they can't find a good Christian virgin woman. w.t.f.<br />
Nice rationalization there buddy. Try that excuse in court.

I've actually tried to explain to the guy why he needs to keep himself away from kids. Did not compute...If he's a troll he's familiar with the psychology of child molesters. Child molesters generally have the attraction, but they also have a personality disorder. They can't empathize with the victims, the victims are nothing more than talking furniture to them. Nothing is EVER the abuser's fault. My dad? he's never admitted guilt in his life, it was always somebody "making him" do something.

That's how he is...God don't try to rationalize with people who are in their own little world..I've tried that time and time again

That guy is indeed on his own reality side-spur. If it wasn't for the fact that he's a threat, I wouldn't care.

What ****** me off is he blames others for his desires becoming reality. Oh impure women! oh hateful women! Oh man I just cant figure it. Hes attracted to kids. Some men are wired that way I think or because they were abused themselves. They don't need to be blaming women and Lord don't put them in flipflops!

Its a ********* on here who likes to defend himself..he comes and goes....made me mad!

I know I went nutty when I saw that his reason for liking children was because there were no good virgins to marry

Yeah try finding a virgin nowadays...kind of hard no? yeah its senseless drivel

The women pedophiles blame men and the men pedophiles blame women...they seem to want a child to love them PURELY and unconditionally something a grown up won't do, but they cannot really love children if all they want to do is to abuse them and take away that INNOCENCE turning them into what they hate, the impure men/women they hate...something about hating their relationship with impure men/women and then implementing it when preying on kids creating more such hateful people making their lives hell, so that must mean they really LIKE the impure men and women they re enact the whole relationship from scratch...innocence to chaos and hate...from in love to resentment...and the best of all they do not want to suffer alone maybe that is why they create more such hateful men and women by messing with kids, so that more marriages can be disastrous just like theirs with the adults they were involved with...misery loves company, so that would mean they would mess with children to make them sad and miserable JUST to not be alone in their "pain", it is selfish really, taking their self-hatred and sadness out on innocent children!!!!

The irony is he might not see it. Blinded by their own misery!!!!!!

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The irony is he might not see it.

Yeah..mommy has a temper! I have mellowed out son. I used to get in fights with people sometimes :/


Couldn't agree with you more! I hope all the accounts he makes keeps getting deleted if he's going to keep posting bull-crap stories on how people are being "unfair" to him and not understanding his perspective on being "attracted" to little boys. Like really!!?? Why would we understand, much less accept his pervert mindset? He's sick and it's people like him that all children need protection from!

I typed that name in people finder and nothing came up

Tell about it Kitty! It is so true that people get on here and troll a majority of the time. I agree with you 100%, I have no issue with what people choose to do sexually with a CONSENTING ADULT. It is sickening some of the things people get on here and brag about, no one makes anyone commit the crimes they commit, they do it because they are deranged and choose to do them. If I had a child that was molested by someone, well let's just say they wouldn't do it to another innocent child.<br />
Get real and get help! Take responsibility for your choices.....

I was responding to a post he wrote so it may seem obtuse lol

Well you let him have it with both You go girl!

Yeah I can give whatfor

I was deeply disturbed after seeing this post & wondered also whether it was a sick pedo or <br />
someones very warped idea of a joke! My only fear is that he'll delete his account before being caught by the authorities!!

I don't know. I hope he's just "joking". Its not funny. But then trolls never are.

Even joking about such things should be classed as a crime, it's just a shame they
abolished, Penal Colonies, I'd send all of them there!!

agree 100% with this story and especially the last line. thanks to people like this, the atmosphere here is rank.

How do you ban someone who is going to the library and therefore able to use multiple different isp's? I'm not sure which he is either. Though it would better if it wasn't the truth.

They could range ban and yes innocent people in that range who came to EP , would be banned too if they had the same provider. I agree I hope he is not real. Not liking the fact he has a kid and that would really worry me. EP could supply his information though to law enforcement. I would like to see the look on his face if he was in the library logging on to post some more and was greeted by a couple of cops.

Haha..snap. Won't happen. I was quite surprised when a SWAT team raided my house because my ex who I was living with had been talking to underage girls. He's the one I moved here for..lovely.

I am not sure if that guy is serious or is a troll. If he is a troll then it is not very funny. I am sure that what he says is painful for the victims of sexual abuse. I have worked with children who have been unfortunately exposed to that. It can really mess them up in ways that are frightening. One of the worse things that can happen to a child is for them to lose their innocence in that way. Children can be very resilient and if they have guidance and counseling they move to the point they can process what had happened to them in a manner that they realize it was not their fault. But most of them have to deal with this secret for such a long time. It can lead to psychotic ideations and behaviors. When they grow up they will become the molesters. <br />
I wish EP could do a range ban on this idiot.