The Truth

I never hate people for their sexual fetish or whatever but i do hate people for choosing to destroy other lives to fill their lust. I mean you never choose to be ********* so you can't blame them for liking kids. But to actualy abuse them is entirely different thing. And so I only hate those who rape and affect kids lives because they are weak and cannot resist.
Theanonymuswimp Theanonymuswimp
3 Responses Jul 27, 2012

child abuse or rape is a power issue not for sexual

Yes they get more mental stimulation from messing a kid up than actually being with them physically!

hmm, that's right.

It is probably of the most cruel acts out there doing something to someone or a soul (in this case an innocent child) who has done nothing wrong to a person (pedo creep) in order to deserve it... It is selfish and unjustified anger directed at a totally undeserving and unsuspecting target!!! How should a child know of such things as lust or illness driving someone to such horrible madness taking it out on the undeserved!?

rape or child melistation isnt about sex, its all about power, same as adult rape.