No Cure, Folks

There is no rehabilitation for this craziness, folks.  They always repeat the same actions, and some times go steps further than the first time they were caught.  So jailing them or trying to put them through therapy is a BIG waste of time.  They do nothing but "re-offend", so why waste time and my tax money by jailing them?  If found guilty, they should get a nice close-range shot in the head with a Desert Eagle gun.  Or even better, a swift swing with an ax through their neck.  They ruined a life (or lives), so why not end theirs and be done with it?

And this goes for these female teachers making boyfriends out of their students, celebrities who video tape themselves having sex with teenagers (RKelly), rich people who travel abroad to indulge, those who create and maintain secret web sites that brings pedophiles together, and everything in between!

Even if they go to jail, it's only for a few years.  So why bother?

I hate them with a passion and think they all can be exterminated. 

QueenD QueenD 31-35, F 5 Responses Jun 22, 2008

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I do understand your feelings on this unfortunately. It does feel like they get off lightly and live-out their sentence at the expense of innocent people and that hurts.

However I'm now going to put my feelings to one side and disagree with you because of some things. Bear with me..

Unfortunately what you talk about here would never work in reality simply because the majority of sexual abuse is coersively carried-out on the molestor's own family. The abuser uses _emotional_ manipulation ("guilt trips") to commit the abuse.

It is already very, very difficult for a child (or even a now grown-up victim) to inform on their abuser knowing that they will be incarcerated and lose their family etc.. Victims may feel terrible (however totally misplaced) guilt for "destroying our family and ruining their lives".

If the consequence of the victim informing is the certain death of their own family member, what chance is there of them asking for help?

There is also another point I have to bring up. Child abductors/molestors/rapists currently do not always kill.

In my opinion, capital punishment for molestation/abduction is an incentive to murder.

What would the abductor then have to lose by eliminating the primary witness and disposing of all of the physical evidence including the victim?

I also agree with lullabyrose about 17-year-olds, though.. and the legal age of consent is 16 here so it's clearly abitrary. Different crimes need different sentences.

Oh and I also disagree with castration and therapy, as it's not a cure for selfishness and a complete lack of empathy or compassion. The mind is still sexual anyway.. even if the drive is reduced somewhat, it wouldn't change the person they are.

Though I agree with you... I think there is a big difference between a teacher who has sex with a 17-year-old student and a child-rapist.

I wish penalties for pedophiles were much tougher. Because honestly I'd rather move in next to a man who killed his friend in a fit of rage then a *********. Because most murders are once-in-a-lifetime ordeals while raping is generally not.

The only good ********* is a dead one. They rob children of their trust and self esteem. A few minutes of abuse can take a lifetime to come to terms with.

I would like to recommend complete and entire castration - everything goes. But I wonder if that would just turn them to torture instead.

I wholeheartedly agree with every word. I'm usually not one for the death penalty or murder in any degree. However, these selfish actions of these perverts deserve to have greater punishment!