I Trusted You....

Last year when I was 15 my "uncle" and I were at our favorite resturaunt and I hugged him for maybe 15 seconds the next morning he messaged me on facebook "why did you hug me that long?" I said because I was thinking very bad suicidal thoughts and he replied "oh well I wish that I coulsve taken you home and kissed you all over" I felt sick to my stomache I didnt know what I was supposed to do tell someone or leave it lone. Later that day I told mu boyfriend he said I should tell my dad since my mom was in prison so I did ge askedme to see the messages so I showed him and he told my mom they wont let him talk to me anymore and I dont want to I blocked him and he got ahold of my friend and messaged me through him telling me how sorry he was....i dont forgive him I wont not ever I trusted him he be as the only adult I could talk to and now I dont trust anyone I feel used and empty how could he say that to me?!his own niece! What kind of man says that! Im glad I didnt go kyaking with him again I was afraid he mightve tried something....
zombieprincess333 zombieprincess333 16-17, F 1 Response Aug 10, 2012

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*hugs* my uncle was a **** too xXx