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I Think People Who Like Little Kids Are Disgusting.

So I have a question. I was going onto this group and looking at the stories and I noticed that there are some stories that look like it was written from pedophiles, is this true? This just sickens me to know that these types of stories are actually real on here and that these types of peopke can join our group if they want to. Can anything be done about this?
saintargentina saintargentina 26-30, F 3 Responses Aug 23, 2012

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one stupid farkk got reported, banned and came back again... this happened twice already... the same dude, probably goes to different libraries or internet cafes to make different accounts... EParsineh said they reported him to the authorities, so that would probably make him stop going to new libraries lol

Lol i hope so, I would hate to have this guy out on the streets especially in public libraries. Whoever that guy is, he creeps me out because I noticed several stories by him or I assume its by the same person anyways :/ its kinda disturbing the confessions you come across also, I recently stopped reading confessions just because of those things.

yes, flag those stories.

post links

Y? Ok ill post links give me a min or two. If you go through the groups stories there are a bunch of them. But give me a couple min.

then we can start to flag the stories

Hooray! Hold on.

Pay attention to the end, its kibda screwed.

Those were two im guessing probably by the same user not sure and I dont know where all the older stories are probably got flagged but I know there were a lot more there. I also got confused because there were a couple of confessions by pedos that I came across just by browsing. I want to try to find them again but yhe confessions wrre so sick I fidnt really want to stay on the page. I mean can people really get away with posting those things? Or shoukd I just sd tart flagging?

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