Dean Is John

I just caught another one using the name Dean in Virginia and South Dakota,however his name is John.A big shot in New Zealand at a university,but not for very long. haha his sex crime pics matched his england photograpy site,
his is grass
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fight for more imprisonment for all crimes against a imprisonment

if i could not receive the death penalty since canada does not provide it, i would fit for life imprisonment, pe-dophiles get away with a few years sentence...child p=orn is the same way..not enough prison time, I would fit for life imprisonment if it was my kid..the laws should change that if a person is caught with child p-orn they get life..since pe-dophiles have a low success rate of getting better..they have proven them to reoffend

as a GOD believer, that thou shall not kill...then NO...but my spirit would be in battle with what the bible teaches us to believe...

as a human being who feels revenge...if my daughter was touched or murdered by a ********* i would want the death penalty yes

thoughts on what? the death penalty?