One Time Ine The Park!!!

I wont tell you what park or what city..BUT me and my friends were going through the park haveing a good time when we saw this old guy stareing at the children and grabbing his crouch and he was doing this out in the of my buddies said hey look at the old guy and we all turned and watched this old guy doing this!!!!! so we decided to go up and confront him we went up to him and asked him WTF!!!! was he doing there..he told us knowing..we said look we been watching what you been doing..he denied of my friends grab him by the throat and told him to get the f ck out of the park.and dont come back..because if we caught him again we would f ck him up!!!!the old guy left!!!! about three months later while we were going through the park again we saw the old guy again doing the same thing...he didnt see us when he left we followed him down the street and when he turned into the alley we jumped him and beat the living fu k out of him...he will never be able to use his d ck again..not with what we did to him!!!!!WE told him if we caught him again!!!even around the park we would make sure he never came around again!!!!!I HATE PEDOPHILES!!!!
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