The Neighbor

There are a lot of people out there that hear the horror stories and hate pedophiles and then there are those that have been infected personally by them.  My mind can't fathom how anyone could bring harm to any child.  My heart goes out to all the children and their families who have overcome these difficulties. 

My family is one of the strongest.  We have been plagued with these pedophiles in our lives.  Our most recent intrusion we found out about by accident.  One weekday morning around 10 my husband and I notice the house next door. There were cop cars marked and unmarked.  The dogs my 5 year old daughter had come to love and talk to had been removed by the city pound.  My first thought was that something had happened with the dogs(they were pit bulls).  Well we left with all the circus going on and returned home later that day to find a calm neighborhood. 

Later in the week we heard a clip on the news talking about an investigation into a child ***** ring.  We live in a really small country town and rarely hear of these things happening so close to home.  So we looked it up to see what the specifics were.  What we found was shocking.  We read about an older man caught in his home with pictures and videos of children that he had been trading with other disturbed individuals.  

My family has already had to overcome unthinkable troubles. It scared me to hear of this deviousness, and in my own small town.  I didn't want my daughter to ever have to deal with any aftermath.  I feel like now she is in harms way.  Well what we found out next scared me even more.  

When we read the article in the paper the mans address where he was arrested was listed.  It took me about 30 seconds to really grasp that this disgusting dirty sick old man who had been taking dirty unthinkable pictures and video of children lives next door to my 5 year old daughter.  My 5 year old daughter who has talked to this man and been in his house, played with his dogs.  Then it hits me that this is the man who has keys to my home because he works for the property manager.(we rent) I was in shock.

My husband and I made copies of the article from the newspaper.  We live in a neighborhood with lots of children we felt it was imperative that we let the other parents know too.  It actually worked out pretty well.  The man was arrested and retained at the jail.  The Neighborhood was shocked to hear about the news. My daughter made her first ever friends in the neighborhood.  I will feel a little better once the man in sentenced.  

The damage he has caused can not be undone.  My family has been victimized by his type before and I will do everything in my power to make sure no child will be hurt around here as long as I can help it.  We try to make our daughter more aware as much as we can for a 5 year old with out scaring the life out of them.  It saddens me that my child can't enjoy the same liberties I did as a child because of such an evil world.  

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That is so true nudeinva

Pedophiles are the bane of society. Not only do they cause irreparable damage, but they create the next generation of abusers!