Police Spanking

I was 12jears old and i desided that i am going to put a block flats electrisidy of so i went to the flats and put the electrisidy of unfortunatly for me an old lady saw me and phoned the polise when the polise came to my house i told them i did it they phoned my dad and he said (im tired of her **** go ahead do it)so they told me to get into the polise car i got in i wondered were we are going and they stoped at the polise station they took me to a hall way were there were other children sitting i knew what was going on becouse i were here two times before.they called children in at their maidennames we just heard crying and spanking in that room then i was called in i was very scared they tied me up with hand coffes picked up the thickest rattan i ever seen closed my mouth when that 1st swat fell on my bum it was painfull 2nd swat i wanted to die 3swat i started crying 4th swat i felt something wet running of by my bum and legs 5th swat i almost past out 6swat i was very drowzy weak painfull the doctor checed me and said she can take one more 7swats i cry like a baby i could not walk they told me to putt my handwrighting on a pink paper i then signed and than took me home i could not sit,walk,sleep for a month i had to wear adult nappies also that is the most painfull spanking in my life that i will never forget
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Here this story would be a headliner 24/7 and the police officers would be fired and charged with some very serious child abuse charges. I'm sorry, yes, you were a little naughty ~but come on, that was way too harsh and in my opinion, totally illegal. Is this legal where you live?

Yes it was but not anymore with our new goverment

Thanks for your answer. Lekker dag!

Tiger, why did you post this story under the Heading "I hate paedophiles"? Just asking. lol.

That was by mistake lol.supose to be under spankings

Hell Tiger, that was an awful spanking. I gave and received many spankings ~ mostly canings.