My First Spanking..not! A Peodophile Story!

So i was 4jears old me and my grany went to the shops when we got there i saw i realy nice racing car yes i used to play with cars instead of dols lol.but i carried on i wanted that car my grany told me to (stop it now)i carried on that i trough a huge tantrum my grany left everything just there in the shop took me by the arm put me in the car than drove home my grany told me to go to my room i wated for a hour she came in with a leather belt i stared to cry she than took me over her lap holded my arms put her legs over mine and gave me 6swats it was burning and i cryed she told me to stand in the corner and put my hands on my head i stand there for two hours she came back and told me to pull my pants up i did and told me never to do that again belief me i listend after that spank
TheLastJustice TheLastJustice
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1 Response May 10, 2012

With all countless swats you getting , you sound like very naughty girl .

I have to atmit i was naughty that day.but i was not a naughty girl i just tell my true spanking stories lol

So after which spanking you thought , now I'm going to behave ?