Manipulating From Within

I have a sister who is a big time manipulator. When my father died late last year that was the end of the manipulating.I had to tell her straight up that She is out of business.She was guilt tripping my mother out of nearly one thousand dollars over an eight week period.This is the same thing she did to my Dad up until he became so sick that he couldn't give her anymore.Now she beins poor mouthing me because of her checkered past where she squandered her late husband's estate of 250 grand with someone she met on the internet.She pissed it all away on herself and that man until she finally broke the bank. The man left after the money was spent and since then my parents and I are seen as nothing more than ATMs.How long are we supposed to feel sorry for her and make her house payments,buy groceries,etc I ask. When her second husband died,he lefty her very comfortable with a new car and 3 BR house all paid for as well as her own boutique business to run. Well it's all gone now and she has another guy living off of her who doesn't work and smokes like a pile of wet leaves burning.I feel badly about keeping my distance from her and trying to get my Mom to do the same but if I don't, then she'll spend every penny my Mom has and leave her to die in a nursing home.Damn her for putting me in this position especially when I"m already fighting severe depression and back injury pain myself. It's no wonder that her children won't go near her.

buddyholly buddyholly
Mar 4, 2010