There are many ways to be hurt in this world, physical, me ental, and emotional and I have been hurt on some level in each category.  I have been shot, stabbed, punched, pinched, and slapped in my lifetime.  However the worst pain I have ever felt has been caused by emotional manipulation from men in my life. Some people do not understand, nor care that they hurt others as long as they get what they want. It is all about "me me me!"  I can't stand this kind of person and it really is a shame thathrough they exist in this world because there are so many nice people as well that deserve a chance and we have to weed through all the players to get to the truly nice ones. I am sure some nice ones get turned down in the process because it is not perfect.  

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I do sometimes, but I know from my friendship with Silver that men do lie. He is always warning me about men that mislead me and he is usually right. lol

And I moved forward to love again. I said I never would too lol.

FG, I applaud you for taking the time to share this story and to share your experience with us. Remember, girlfriend, you have the power to stand up for yourself and others by choosing to move forward in life and love.

I am doing well. thank you.

hope u r ok