Grown Out of It

Well it seems I am having to find other things to do to have fun. My weekends were alcohol, my boyfriend loved his alcohol.  We would go play tennis and he'd have to have a drink.  Go on a hike he'd bring a drink.  I like sports bars, but I drink coke. People pick fights, act foolish, overexaggerate in conversation, become obnoxious.

I know alcohol or they say "spirits" can take the edge off or make you feel loose to dance, or lighten you inhibitions.  Some people "need" this like I did, but substance abuse is REAL. It has taken it's toll on relationships, killed my stomach, and led to very dangerous situations, not to mention fun times too!  I have said things I didn't mean, thinking no one would judge me for it they'd say oh it's just the alcohol talking.  I fell right along with him, it is an easy habit to fall into and the thing is I did it as a distraction. 

I met a man that liked the "partying" lifestyle and could not get through to him emotionally and I saw how sad things were so I quit.  I have thrown in the towel, my beer days are over.  I've sowed my wild oats, I love to dance still but soberly .  I like quiet places now bars are smokey and loud.  The money spent is unbelievable.  I saw a friend get into trouble with a DUI.  I've known people who have died and been hit by drunk drivers.  I can not have a decent conversation with my aunt because she is "cut" off emotionally too.  I have seen an alcoholic crave it, deny it, have to bring it with them to every event we attend.  I've lost respect for him, seen people not have respect for themselves by getting shitfaced.  I watched a man die from it, he was having shaking withdraws.  Have you seen what I have?  Whenever a new liquor store goes up around town it disheartens me.  The reality of the influence of alcohol in that it kills brain cells, causes liver problems, and stomach problems, been told it can cause breast cancer far outweights a night or two of partying or a temporary good time.  If you are wise you will avoid it or at least be responsible with it.  Alcohol is not the answer.  Life is hard enough without having to deal with the influences of a substance that harms more than helps.  Do you really need it?

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1 Response Sep 26, 2008

You're right, alcohol does effect the liver, it does cause breast cancer and it actually puts holes in your brain. I can tell you are a very strong person, good for you on quitting. I went dancing last night without drinking and it was a lot more fun!