It's Ridiculous In a Way

Though I'm very shy at times, I can also be very loud and outgoing when I want to be. As I've gotten older, I have never understood why so many people rely completely on alcohol to have fun. It becomes sad that they almost put off having a good time until they've finished downing a bunch of booze. I've hardly been drunk myself, and while it was fun enough, I don't have the desire to get absolutely smashed to the point where I won't remember a thing the next day. What's the point? Plus there's the fact that you're killing all your braincells everytime you do that.

It makes me feel like a bit of a weirdo to have this opinon sometimes. I can never really make friends with other ninteen year-olds who don't like getting wasted. I can think of at least one, but he only doesn't like it after he used to drink a lot more.

I think it says a lot about people today though, when a person has to rely on a depressant like alcohol to make them happy. Plus there's the fact that heaps of people only get drunk/drink because the feel it's expected of them. So far I haven't caved from peer pressure, because I refuse to be a mindless idiot like everyone else.

Another thing I find funny is when people sound all wise saying stuff like, "I'm so over going out every weekend. It's so boring, it's always the same." I could tell you that before I'd even been out. When all everyone does is drink, it does get boring.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

You are a very smart girl and remind me a lot of myself. I've gotten drunk 4 times in my life and acted like a complete idiot, ruined a few friendships because of it but also learned that I have so much more fun when im sober. <br />
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I now watch my brother go through peer pressure and even my boyfriends older brother still goes through it. Its really sad to watch people waste their life being a complete moron.