At The Age Of 54.....

You would think that I could make my own choices and decisions. Well....not everyone thinks so!! Here is how a typical day in my life goes: What are you doing up so early? Don't you think it is time you get some breakfast? Aren't you going to get anything for lunch? Do you really think you need to do that today? Why did you do that? What are you making for Supper? Don't do that!!! Don't you think it is time you get a shower? Isn't it time for you to go to bed?

Well, I love you dearly, dear, but, I am perfectly able to do these things at my age without prompts or visual aids!! Just because you are still asleep, doesn't mean I have to stay in bed, wide awake!! If you are ready for breakfast make it!! Don't wait on me, you might get it for lunch!! Same answer applies to lunch!! If I didn't think I needed to do something today, I would definately do nothing. However, if you don't think I should be doing it, feel free to wash your own clothes, or clean your own house!!! I did it because at 54, I felt like it, don't ask why, just mind you own business!! Whatever I am making for supper, you will eat or go hungry, and if you don't like what we are having, go to your mothers'!! I will do that if I want, and you can't stop me!!! I will shower when I want, not because you want company in yours. I have been bathing myself for years, and I will do it when and if I want. If you are tired go to bed....I know the way to our room, and it is still in the same place!!!

Of course, these are all responses to daily questions that I wish I had to nerve to say, not what actually gets said!! At my age, I just don't give a rat's *** enough to argue!! Yes dear, and that's all you need to hear. One day, when I grow up, I can, and will, do what I want!! And by the time I grow up, there won't be a thing you can do about it!!

JustAnotherMother JustAnotherMother 51-55, F 2 Responses Sep 12, 2011

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The humor is something that keeps me going. It is my crutch and I use it all the time. Humor is good for you and since I always try to throw some into my stories, it means a great deal to me that you recognized it for what it is.



You really paint a wonderful picture of life with this story, thanks. Please don't get upset with me for saying this, but I even found it a bit humorus--probably because I have been there.