Just Sad

The owner at my trailor park has horses here at the park and they do have a large piece of land to be on, but she doesn't have any shelter for them and it gets hella cold and super windy here in arizona that they should at least have something to block the wind for them at night. That's not even the worst of it.

She doesn't feed them enough hay. I saw them the other day eating their own hay **** cause they were so hungry. They look sad and depressed and so many people has called animal control on her, but they won't take them, why i don't know but it makes me hate the owner. She also has a huge house boat just sitting on the land.

Apparently they don't even use it and never have. She is the type that just wants to be able to say i have horses and a boat, im so rich and cool i don't even take care of them. I  hate her.

frosti frosti
31-35, F
Mar 15, 2009