Leave Them For The Truly Disabled, You Porker!!

Nothing ****** me off more than walking into a WalMart or a Kroger and watching some 400 lb lardass cruising around in the electric scooters provided by the store for the handicapped, just because they've gotten so enormous they can no longer ambulate comfortably.  Hey, Land Whale, did you ever think part of the reason you got so damned big in the first place was your aversion to physical activity?  Would your massive bulk not be better served by, I don't know, a little more walking and a little LESS sitting?  I think that frail little octonegerian struggling to push both her cart and her walker at the same time over there has a lot more seniority on this planet and a far greater disablility than your own self-inflicted morbid obesity, and deserves that ride that you are presently burning the motor out of.  While we're at it, WTF are you doing with seven bags of chips, two gallons of ice cream and five two liters of soda in the basket of that poor ************, anyway?  GTFO!!

RedRover RedRover
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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I have alot of overweight people in my family, things happen, and they got big, and it hurts them to walk for a prolonged period of time because they have health concerns with their ankles and blood flow and what not, they are handicapped, just in a different way then youd prefer.

Also a lot of real disabilities cause people to be overweight because of the inability to exercise as much as usual, and then everyone assumes they don't really need the help because fat people can't also be disabled, can they? Or something. Makes no real sense, just another way to judge people.

Snarky! but I feel ya. I have thought this but been too wimpy to say it.

Way to go girl -- <br />
I sometimes have to resort to an electric scooter to keep up with my wife as she wizzes around the store (bad legs due to a car wreck a million years ago) . You wouldn't believe the amount of times the scooter gives out after 10 mins because the lardasses you mention never plug them back in after use. Too effing fat to reach down to the plug I guess. Usually the same fat ******* that fill up all the disabled parking slots without having a blue badge. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Spank em