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 his mother was given one because she could not get around.then,when she died he started using it.even worse he still gets the company to fix it.and he dosen`t tell them she has been dead now for five years.then about four years ago,we had aneighbour how had one,but he would pick up transmissions.i can barely make it to the mailbox and i can`t get amazes me how crook can get help so easy but people who need it can not.

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

You would really think that every time there is a request for maintenace on the scooter, the scooter company would be in touch with the insurance company that helped her buy it. If she had an incurance company help her buy it, they should be aware she is deceased also, as they would have at least received a request to payout any final benefits.<br />
I would suspect that perhaps her insurance company hasn't been informed, and therefore the scooter company doesn't know either.<br />
Or else, she paid for the scooter in cash.<br />
Or else the scooter company doesn't refer back to the insurance company for maintenance claims.<br />
I wonder how old a person would have to be before the scooter company says, "hmmm, that's a remarkable age, I wonder if we're being taken here?"<br />
One consideration is reporting this to the company. Perhaps anonamously?