Always Right People Shut Me Down

I have a person in my life whom I cannot speak around, even if it is an off the wall comment,etc. If I even make 1 comment she has to tell me I am wrong, one up me or actually googles it to tell me the facts about it. I cannot avoid this person and to simply not talk is very difficult to say the least. I feel very helpless, and I shut down. This is sad for me, because it takes the spirit rt. out of me and I am usually a very smiley happy person. I would appreciate any suggestions regarding this matter or other stories so that I know I am not alone in this situation.
calmwaters18 calmwaters18
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1 Response Jul 15, 2010

Is she really always right or does she Google everything? Here's what I would do. First, I would nip the Googling in the bud; we can all Google. I've always thought that a person who Googles doing a an active discussion is somehow rude or inappropriate (unless everyone involved want's the information for whatever reason), but to be a Google machine lacks social manners. Second, regarding her own actual knowledge on a subject I think your best shot is to use it against her by becoming hyper-inquisitive. What I mean is if she has an answer for everything then when she tells you that you're wrong, you simply allow her to explain why and then push her for more details. Eventually she will either reach a point where she will admit she doesn't know anymore specifics or she will begin to fabricate answers. You can then cross check her information later (when you're alone). If her information was wrong you can point this out to her the next time you see her or if she was right then maybe she deserves a pat on the back; right? Keep doing this until you've had an opportunity to point out her fallacies a few times and I think you'll see a difference in her responses to your comments about things. (Of course you're only reason for doing this is to preserve your friendship). <br />
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Remember, the Googling during conversation thing is bad, real bad, it totally throws fun conversation into fact checking contest which no one can win or enjoy because we can all Google.