I Hate People Who Don't Pay Attention!

I hate when I'm clear as this computer screen that's in front of my face and I'm talking to some1 and the conversation goes in my friends left ear and out of the right 1 lol.. Than when I yell or repeat myself I am told not to repeat myself. A Fine example is my ex of 15 yrs. I talk to him and he says huh?

He has a very limited vocabulary most of the time it goes between huh? That makes sense and he tends to say yes or no and horrible horrible when I'm not asking him a yes or no question. I have put it to the test and asked him things such as "Aren't I doing good"? and he says "horrible horrible" lol.. Than this ex gets upset because he says I'm repeating myself 2 much, My Answer "Than Stop Asking Me What I Just Said!"

My friend Louise another airhead but our lives have been similar and we look like sisters so I try and understand her, Louise keeps asking me something and I answer her and she keeps asking me what I keep repeating. Last nite I mentioned I 'm getting housing assistance and she immediately asks if I'm getting housing assistance. I can and do it enough, repeat myself to Louise 50 times and she will immediately ask 50 times exactly what I just tell her. I wonder do these people do it on purpose, or are they truly that stupid?

I have a caseworker who seems stoned alot. The woman loves to stand me up. I tell her what's going on with me than she immediately asks me exactly what I just told her. She does this everytime I tell her what's up. I call her and tell her what's going on and leave msgs on her voicemail. I 'm leaving my area soon if all goes well. Months ago I called to tell this caseworker. This worker gets back to me a few weeks after I call and asks me if I need help relocating to the area I'm in now. I'm already on my way out and let her know weeks back and she is beyond lost, by the time the caseworker returns to work I'm long gone lol.

I don't like being repetitive and yelling but if the person I'm talking to doesn't care to hear me I get frustrated and yell. Sometimes I think about getting my conversation on a tape recorder. I get very frustrated when I'm talking to some1 and it's not registering. I needed molars removed yrs ago, the dentists secretary was not putting the paperwork through. I requests something done with business sometimes and I'm asked soon after if I requested something done as with the secretary of the dentist mentioned.

I must have called that woman about 100 times in a few months. Finally I went elsewhere. I'm Strong I wasn't in much pain.
Businesses hire secretaries and staff so it's not easy to the get right to the main source like the doctor or dentist most of the time. I get the middleman alot who likes to take me in circles.
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I hate the Middle East/Indian Calls lol.. The calls are rerouted because it's cheaper 4 bigshots who run things lol... Those foreign people never want to give me my entitled refund. I've filed so many complaints the number is limitless lol...<br />
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I hate the automated help, it's worse than the real help live robotic people who sound stoned lol.. The automated help asks me questions like "What is your ID #"? I say something like 8658002 and the automated voice will repeat something completely different like " I heard 4310224, Is That Right Yes Or No"<br />
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I shout NO! n almost break the friggin phone and the stoned dreamy slow *** voice keeps on the other end keeps repeating information back that sounds nothing like what I'm shreiking lmfaooo..

Smiling ha ha,a very funny post that I feel many of us can relate to.Yes I agree with you it is not nice when people do not listen to what we are saying.The thing that really infuriates me is ringing up a company and never getting to speak to a human voice.Then on the odd occasion when the phone is actually answered it always seems to go to a call center in India,thats half round the world from where I live!