I hate when people dont train their dogs! Having a run in with untrained dachshunds has greatly made me hate the breed to this very day. When I was like 8 i went to my future step dad's house and they had one there, now being young and having a pitbull at home whom was the BEST trained dog i have ever known, i figured this dog wouldnt bother me. Well now i know its been proven that these long rats are one of the most aggressive dog breeds alive. I sat on the floor near the couch because it was on it and i didnt want to bother it. it began to growl and i didnt know if that dog was the one growling (they had a few dogs) I turned around to check and the ****** bit me on the mouth literally ripping a tooth out of my mouth. There was so much blood, i remember leaning over a sink basin watching my blood run out of my mouth. They all blamed me (the step fathers family), but truth be told they didnt train that dog. i wasnt even bothering it. Ive also had Rotts chaseme in my own yard, and huskies bite me to the point of bleeding(not to mention kill my kitten, the same husky). All this has left me with a great distaste for people with untrained dogs. I think if you dont train your dog you shouldnt be able to have one.
KiwiLiv KiwiLiv
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I despise, completely DESPISE AGGRESSIVE DOGS man,,,,,,,,,
its heartbreaking to see just the intensity of these dogs during attacks; I agree with your opinions and hope that mouth has healed up!