My In Laws Dog

ok... First I like my in laws dog however, from the first moment I met this dog it has had problems. Many of the problems are common and easy to fix.(jumping up, begging from the table, barking and whining at the table for food, pulling like crazy on walks.) When i met this dog I actually thought she was still a puppy because she had so many common puppy problems. To my surprise she was actually 4 years old. Anyway, ofcorse by spending more time with my in laws i realized that they reinforced all the dogs bad behaviors and didnt even bother correcting the dog. I thought heck even if you dont want to really train your dog basic commands you atleast need to train it to have good manners. Its not suppose to act like a wild animal. I was shocked at the complete denial this family had about how annoying their dog was too. They were like she isnt bad..i was like yeah she is bad.

jen78 jen78
Mar 4, 2010