OH My Dear God!!!

OK here is the deal:

I work in a hospital:-)

I think I wash my hands at least 100 times a day. (serio)

My office is right near a bathroom that is used by others who also have offices near mine. And you would think that a professional or a nurse, doctor etc would wash after using the bathroom right?

Holy crap they don't!!! I even out a sign on the mirror to remind them to wash!!! Doesn't help. Dirty birds just cant seem to understand how yucko that its!!

Dear God please wash and wash well.......use the towel to turn off the water and live a happy life with clean hands and sanitizer:-)


MegJgeM MegJgeM
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2 Responses Oct 26, 2008

thats disgusting. you would think they should know better!

you are so right !! I hate it when someone doesnt wash thier hands people accuse me of being ocd for suposedly washing my hands too much but the people who accuse me of ocd are ones who dont like washing thier hands go figure . so you just keep washing and so will I :)