Drinking Is Not Cool

  • a special message to all teenagers like me...

  • u may think that having alcohol for a 'kick' is enjoyable or cool but its not.

  • my father is an abusive alcoholic. even he started alcohol in a similar manner...first with friends,in his teens.his addiction keeps him drinking for a whole month at a time. to add to this , he is utterly sadistic, meaning he creates hell for all those around him.

  • mine is not the only story.i myself know countless people who have seen their families get destroyed by alcohol.

  • my parents are about to get a divorce, and many of u may want to kill me for saying this, but i am actually waiting eagerly for that day, although i may be happier if my father just dropped dead. that may show u how much mental torture alcohol can bring in a home.

  • so please,please,i request you, think before you drink.

BrightEyedKid BrightEyedKid
2 Responses Nov 13, 2010


Alcohol can bring friends together. Alcohol isn't drugs.

Hi BrightEyedKid,<br />
Sounds like you've gone through a heck of a lot. I don't judge you for not being able to wait for your parents to get a divorce - it's probably best for everyone if there's so much trouble at home. I really hope that things get better for your family.<br />
<br />
Yeah, alcoholism is a horrible, horrible thing as are addictions to other things. I will think before I drink.