Acts Of Cowards’


Any person that promotes any form of animal cruelty where it is for profit or lust should under go the same treatment.   As with those who abuse the young and the old, are cowards. There should be a minimum gaol sentence of 15 years for any person found guilty of this offence. My research has proven to me that abuse of animals, in nearly all cases leads to Arson, Rape and Murder.   There should not be any place in society for any one that commits these acts of cruelty.
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6 Responses Dec 20, 2009

I absolutely agree with you on this. Sick Bastards they are!

Same Christian name and we are on the same "Page". You don't happen to share with guys do you.

Your research??..Very true though I remember turning a couple down who wanted to adopt a child because the husband had a conviction for animal cruelty and the research says if they can do it to an animal they will most likely do it do a child.

I agree, and would like toread your research. I had not thought about there being a connection between animal and human abuse. It seems to make sence to me. One who is crule to one will be crule to others. I wounder how animal abuser's spouses fair. Abusers are cowards in my book, but there is something really sick about them alright. I do love animals and take good care of thoesmI have. Thanks for your thoughts.

Coward just isn't the right word. There's something especially sick about people who like to harm the innocent. The "normal" S&M relationship may be questionable, but at least the people involved are involved by mutual consent. Not so people who hurt animals for their pleasure. That is serious sickness.

I agree with you 110%. I know some dogs that are smarter than some humans hat I know

I took Criminal Law this past semester and our Professor taught us the nature of the criminal mind. He also taught us that people who partake in animal cruelty as children are at extremely high risk of further criminal activities as adults. Although I am not a huge fan of animals myself, I highly agree that every life form deserves respect because they feel pain too just like humans.