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It is true as babies we are born with the ability to utilize basic emotions. To cry when unhappy and there for require attention, to feel lonely when left alone to feel happy when our needs have been met. Basic human emotion develops as we progress through the stages of growth. Infants that are exposed to the right surroundings and are providing with the tools in which promote development both emotional and physical in addition to attention and plenty of interaction with others. All this will lead to faster development in all areas of at a faster rate than a child who has spent more time in front of the TV than the parents like to admit. Emotionally connected through human contact is what will lead to the deeper understanding of the emotions of others. Everlasting empathy that begins to blossom early in life when the most important building blocks, the foundation if you will, sets a strong basis for the many emotions that make up the mind, body and spirit. That will continue throughout life and prove benaficil in forming long lasting relationships which is key for living a fulfilled life of balanced emotions and eternal happiness with ones self.

It is developed by life experience, media, influenced by geographical upbringing, religion, peer groups, and by the higher monarchy set in place by the rich and powerful minority.

If you were to answer What is Hate in the form of a question you would make Mr. Trebec think there was some hope in the next generation of kids who shuffle through life with their underwear exposed in the area where the common trouser once resided. Many young people today overlook the concept; the answer means nothing without knowledge of the question. A very power statement of deep regression into ones own conscious to not to find the answer but the question. People full of questions are just as smart as those who hold the answer. A knowledge seeker looks deeper to unearth a clearer solution than the one who assumes they know the answer. While both maybe correct one may shed light on a new concept that in turn creates more questions to be answered. A deeper understanding is not always the complex answer but often a simple but ingenious solution that has been over looked by past generations as insignificant may be the turning point into a new wave of simple thinking to solve complex problems.

Why do we hate for no reason?

Those in power use hate as a weapon to control the majority, to induce war, to turn the people against each other to weaken the masses. As long as there is an outlet for the hate the people in power insure the attention will not be directed to complete an objective set forth by people. We hate because we fail to understand why or how to change in general. We hate because we are told to hate. Simple.
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im a thin to average weight girl for my size and other women instantly hate me on sight cuz of it