I don't HATE people

I just joined this group because I care about the future of our world.

I don't hate people.. I don't think that anyone who has had more than a couple of children is a bad person..

It's just that I know that the world is not going to get any bigger, and atsome point people will have to realise that the human race is growing too fast and we are headed for destuction. I wrote a comment on a story by another member all about this; but unfortunately they had to delete their account so my long long comment was lost.

I believe that humans are going to wipe-out too many other species and ruin too much of the planet for the balance to ever be restored.. it seems to me that the demands we make on the Earth are far too great already. Some day the Earth will die and it will be the fault of one species alone: Ours.

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LOL. We couldn't "ruin the earth" if we tried. The earth has survived much worse things than us and it will continue to thrive long after our species is extinct. I, for one, am not going to restrict my breeding just because it indirectly harms some poor wittle panda bear. We are doing exactly what every other organism on earth does: survive at all costs. Pass on our genes.

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I heard an interesting thing the other day. The western world's rate of reproduction is very low these days due to abortion, women choosing careers, birth control, and just not wanting as many kids. It's actually so low to the point that it's not sustainable. Thus, it's the developing countries where all the reproduction (and human population growth) is really coming from - China, India, Africa, etc. So maybe it's time we refocus our 'education' efforts a bit more. Because it's those same countries that can't feed and provide adequate medical help either...<br />
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I personally don't agree that abortion and capital punishment are the answer :)<br />
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Yes, we are destroying some vital parts of the planet, but controlling population is not a realistic answer to this problem, I don't think. We are ruining earth and so much damage has been done that there's no way to undo most of it. Commitments to make changes by governments (such as the whole climate change thing) are our best shot...to slow the destruction..maybe fix some of it..because there's no way to stop it. Our time on this planet most likely has a time limit and yes...we have done things to speed along that time...but it is what it is.

lol....on a serious note, i understood the point you were making with your story :)


well, although my tubes are tied now, that doesnt make up for the fact that i already have 3 children....so to even things out, i support abortion and i've recently changed my view on the death penalty :)<br />
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**lets kill some humans or potential humans (in terms of abortion)**

Well said.

I couldn't agree more