Broken Trust

I was feeling very depressed and decided to admit myself to a psychiatric ward for a few days.I told two people, my brother and a coworker. Now this was a matter of privacy, I should have him not to tell anyone intially. My brother first told my dad that I was in the hospital, who then told my estranged mother, who then went and told EVERY other person in my family.I feel not only betrayed because I I feel like my brother told my dad what was going on to attract attention to himself. He broke my trust by telling abyone MY buisness which he had absolutely not right to do in the first. I thought I could confide in my brother, but I was wrong. Irregardless of gis intentionshe let me down and Im very angry with him right. It was not his buisness to tell anyone especially my parents. Thankyou so much Bobby.
Meanderinghearts Meanderinghearts
26-30, F
May 14, 2012