hate is a strong word, n when u dont even know someone how can u hate them people may think. well anyone who has sex w animals, touches n animal sexually is disgusting, n i can honestly say i dont need to know them to say i hate them. its animal abuse its wrong on so many levels. animalsd r kind gentle loving creatures, that we should care 4 n love. not molest them 4 r own sick pleasure. i love my animals, they r like my babies, it sickens me to think how some people treat there pets. these people should be in jail, its animal abuse. its sick n so wrong.
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I don't think it really matters, I'm attracted to toasters, I think an animal is a step up from that? Maybe.

Animal abuse? Talk about hypocrisy!

People mate with people,,,animals mate with animals of there species....<br />
A person having sex with an animal sounds gross..and nasty<br />
<br />
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No it doesn't!

Well,we do run over animals on the road every day,and there is nothing insanely perverse or blameworthy that comes from that.If people are making love to animals,it just shows how far evolution has really gone in some groups of people.Not far at all.I once had to take care of a cat that had been f-d in the A,it's *** was dripping with maggots and gaping.It died on the way to the vet,but I tried.Would you rather they take their sexual frustrations out on humans though?Is rape of humans a solution to sexual frustrations that might be taken out on animals?Frankly,I would rather them bang the neighborhood cats,than bang the neighborhood ladies forcefully.

AMEN if you are supporting sex with animals or are at least neutral, then AMEN! :)

Next to ******, I've never heard of such an INHUMANE lust. Sexing with animals ? ? They don't even deserve an eye-to-eye contact with people. So disgusting. Cant think of any other worst thing to say. Not even worth it. Just the thought of it makes me sick.

So by what you just stated is that you hate animals? Wow! I never knew those people existed!

These or they are sick and twisted in the head people that should just be slapped in the head.

yes I recommend they be slapped in the head, that they may be awaken.


Those people are PERVERTS and NEED HELP big time! They are sick!

i agree that it's totally wrong, nobody can make me see the right in it. it may be wrong of me but i would and do think less of people that go this far. i'm glad that i never had to go that far to get my jollies.