I was on facebook today and I 'am friends with many animal shelters and rescue leagues. I came across a post about the growing rate of animal sex in many countries. Sick depraved people actually pay to have sex with animals from dogs to cats to other animals. What is wrong with this world?! Some countries the shave moneys and people sexually abuse them. Its sickening. Its bad enough we abuse mistreat animals but know certain perverts are sexually abusing animals. We as a society need to stop destroying this world. Am sickened. Its sad when your ashamed of your own race. I ' am ashamed to be a person.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

that sick **** is on other sites besides ep? *sigh* i just came across another *********** post here and i plan to flag it until ep removes it. that crap doesn't belong here or anywhere.

if not death at least a good *** kicking and some serious therapy lol