My Dog Licks Me And It Leads To ... :((((

I definitely need help and I know it's wrong and gross and sinful . It started when I was about 7 years old .. He would lick me and then I was around 10 and then we would **** . I have issues NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT . :(( I have 2 christian parents and this habit makes me feel like a dirty person . Anyone with the same problem ?!?!?!?! I WANT TO STOP. This is weird to admit .
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Ive been k9 love curious for a long time. I wish I had a dog to lick & love me like that

@Cross67: jerrica and OneWithJC are fucken idiots! Don't listen to them! :) Sex with animals is the best! :)

It's been my experience when talking about k9 sex Many of them who so loudly protest it do so because they find the thought of being sexually dominated by a large power dog very arousing and erotic and are ashamed of it.

They need to stop being hypocrites and just enjoy the sex! :) <3

While you may be right, that's the same statement people make about people who are homophobic.

So why do you think this? Any proof?

Lol @sensualspirit. Me or roseann? :) <3

Wow, this thing won't let me respond with a few word.

I was talking to Roseann : )

Ok, I understand now! :) <3 I miss you! :) <3

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You shouldent feal bad it's nachoral every living thing has sex you shouldont feal bad or ashamed you are very luck 2 have a dog ho loves you that much and you know he wil never hert you so if you like it you should cary on with it you arent herting eny 1 els i would like 2 have sex with a dog i bin told it is very good i wanr 2 tray it dos that mean i am a bad person no it dosent if the dog is willing

AMEN! :) <3 Male dogs are always horny! :) <3 You don't notice it until you get naked on go on all fours presenting your rear to them! :) <3

*naked on = naked and

My wife and I have enjoyed our dogs for years! It isn't as bad as you think. Just keep it private.

Tell me more about your wife & you sharing you dogs:)

Christianity is a joke! The Bible was written by men to keep people in line! Don't follow those stupid morals written in there! That's how Satan brainwashes people! :(

I let my dog **** me all the time and we both love it. Nothing wrong with that.

It's only wrong if you make it out to be that way! :) You don't have to listen to what society dictates as being morally correct or "normal" especially when the rich get off without punishment for their own things!

This is very common. Most people are just scared to admit it.

and the reason is they don't want to be prosecuted or have the FBI on them possibly, but the FBI won't come unless someone murders someone or actually commits genocide, etc.! :)

Its hot af dont stop ;)

Nothing wrong with this! :) Matter of fact, you should keep doing it without getting caught and make sure the animal is OK too! :) Be friends with me if you want! :)

Add me and we will talk.

How did it happen? Do u had sex? How?

get help. it's not too late.

How about you get help! :) There's nothing wrong with her! :)


takes one to recognize one, doesn't it?

just as you take too seriously ep deleting your stories, huh? go get a real life, ok?

female douchebag!

dog ******* freak bastard!

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You'll find a man and not need your dog I promise. Sex is not dirty. It's part of nature. If it feels good and is not harming you or anyone else I see no issue with it.

Honey, you aren't the first kid to let their dog lick them and then get on your knees so he can **** you. I did it almost daily when I was that age. I had a Chow with a big long **** and a huge knot. That was the part that felt so good.
Don't let what other people think affect what you desire to do. You will find that nice older man soon and he will teach you all about how to be licked until you *** and **** you until you *** again. Forget the fumbling high school boys who haven't learned how to please a real woman.

So stop messing with BOYS and get yourself a MAN! If you wanna keep talking message me

Yea well all the other "boys" my age (15) are inmature and don't know the first thing about woman

So somehow you aged from 15 to 18-21, interesting.

I'm going to take it upon myself to start outing people who's stories don't match up. I can't STAND people who lie & make up stories.

People who are into zoo take this VERY seriously.

and I take it very seriously enough to have it legalized and decriminalized to make society less hypocritical about its laws that they already have in place! :)

What you need is a real man to give you the good **** so you will stop this

Kind of curious mrfullyloaded. Exactly what should she stop? Talking about sex? I bet the first thing on your mind this morning was sex.

Not true because that will produce more idiots in the world! :(