Such Freaks!!!

They have no respect for others. They are self-centred, cold, ignorant and mentally sick. I am surrounded by these freaks. I remember what my step-brother said when I got back from the psych ward after my suicide attempt, "The next time you slash yourself, I hope you die."
SomewhereTomorrow SomewhereTomorrow
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Thanks! *Hugs*

That's horrible that he said that to you. I'm sorry. Yes, sadly, there ARE those out there that act like ******** to others, for whatever reason. They're usually angry and sad people themselves, but it's still no excuse to treat others like that.

I can relate to you. I never wanted to live to 16, so I made my first suicide attempt at 15. I tried to drown myself in the sea and was found and saved. I wish I succeeded.

I hope they go to hell.