The Rudest Comment I Have Ever Heard

Today I went with my oldest daughter (who is 9 years old)'s class on a field trip and one of the other mothers made a comment that first started out as something I get a lot. She said that is was nice of me to come and go with my sister on the field trip, and I smiled and replied back that I was not her sister that I was her mother, then the lady went in on saying how young I look and how I had to tell her my secret. Then I told her that I am only 22 that I will be 23 in a few months. She paused for a minute (I could tell she was doing the math in her head) Then that is when she got rude.

She went off on a tirade about how she can't believe I am able to send my daughter to that school and how I must have them on a scholarship because how else could I possibly afford to send her there, and how she is tired of seeing all these "little girls" having babies and don't even take care of them and basically saying how much I can't take care of my daughter because I don't even know how to take care of myself and how I threw my life away for a few minutes of fun and called me a ****.

Now I didn't want to cause a scene because we were still on the field trip. As soon as we got back to the school the parents had to leave because there was still about 2 hours of school left. So I waited for her outside and stopped her. Because I am polite I asked her if we could go talk for a min. She was hesitant but said yes (i think she thought I was going to let her keep going). But we went to a coffee shop a couple streets over and I ordered us both a drink as she rolled her eyes and under her breath I heard her say "more government money down the drain"

When we sat down I started by saying I am not now nor have I ever been on government assistance. I then started telling her that yes I did have my daughter very young but I got pregnant from being raped, I was not sleeping around and I wasn't having just a few minutes of fun. Then I told her that my girls tuition is not being paid for out of a scholarship but me and my family are paying full price just like every other parent there. I then told her something I think shocked her, I told her that I had 2 more kids (twins) in a lower grade there. By that point I was getting a little mad but I kept going and I told her that I was able to graduate high school at 16 and I made it all the way through college and that I have my master's in psychology and that I only moved to New York because I am in medical school. That I own my house and that it is an awesome neighborhood. Right before I got up and walked away I looked her dead in the eye and said "Just because you may feel like having kids is throwing your life away never say that to me again, My kids are the best thing in my life and I thank God everyday that they are in my life".

I then grabbed my coffee my purse and walked back to the school and waited for my girls to get out of school and as soon as they did I gave them all a big hug and kiss asked them how they were as I walked away from her
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Wow so much power to you! My mom had me at 15 and she gets stuff like that all the time,granted we aren't as well off as you but not many people appreciate how hard she works! You're an amazing person and I wish you well!<3

You Rock!