Fake Profiles?

Ok< first of all, let's make one thing clear. This is not My space, or Facebook, or even twitter.
This is an "anonymous" web site, where we hide the real us, so we can feel at ease to spread our woes, rant and rave or even experiment in writing sensual novels. I don't get it! Why would you expect real profiles.?
OK, a man pretending to be a woman is kinda gross and disgusting, but if I say my name is Jerry and it is really Fred, am I any worst?

I have a City posted where I live, it is not where I live, but close by. Am I to be condemned for that?

My age is correct, my gender is correct, most of all, all my stories are real, except the ones I say are fiction.

This is not a dating web site, it is not a true social web site. It is a shared experience web site. I think once you get to know someone, it is obvious if there are total fakes or not! I will admit, the guys and Gals on here who lie about being married drive me crazy! Especially the guy who is all teary eyed, whoa is me she does not love me like I want to be loved, when they are getting it on three or four times a week! Hell dude, man up, just say your happily married, but want to play, you will still get many takers on here, believe me!

Fake! why not? I sure as hell will not layout who I am, where I work, my home address etc. That would be insane!
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I loved your thought..your view is similar to me..not to go post here my story link. Thanks, you really rocked!

So glad you agree. I guess I was in a bad mood. I do think itis crazy to expect anyone to be 100% up front. Then again, a 100% fake profile is a waste of time. Lying to people is another story!

you rocked! really a 100% fake profile is a wastage of time I agree ratio should be 30-70%.
30% fake including your basic information and 70% original your feeling that's why you are here.

I totally agree!

Boy I must have had a burr in my saddle that day! lol Thanks!

I never get why people have to lie to hide their identity. If there is something they don't want to share, don't share it so why even lie about it when you can not share it at all? <br />
<br />
Pen names I can understand because it's no different than user names or authors use when they write books and even celebrities use pen names so names they go by in real life may not be their actual name. Why do they do that? I do not know. Usernames I can understand ad why authors would do a pen name. <br />
<br />
I do a blog but I do not say my location or my husband's name or my son's name and I only mentioned my nickname. I also do not list who I work for and where at. I don't even make up names either for them or make up where I live. I just leave it all out. I do this because I do not lie and I don't want to be found out from someone in real life if they come across my blog. I also do not plan on posting photos of my new home in my blog. I also will not post real photos of me. Maybe if they are faceless I will but there won't be any of my husband and child.

Understood...there are reasons we all have for not giving full disclosure. But complete fake profiles seems like a lot of work to me? How do you remember who you are supposed to be? lol

You make some very valid points that I agree with. I've always felt that fake profiles have more to do with being extremely deceitful with others...or trying to hurt others...so I definitely don't agree with that kind of behavior at all. But being discrete...or even hiding information about yourself as a way of protecting yourself just makes good sense IMHO.

I guess that is all I am saying, nothing wrong with holding back some info. I do think the guys pretending to be woman are up to no good!

Agreed. :)

wow..see i am more "real" here because i am anonymous..i didn't lie on my ep profile because who am i trying to impress? sorry you've had this experience and perhaps i should be more cautious..i am brand new to this.

Well I have discovered EP is not as anonymous as it should be. Some things I don't like about it, but it is so much better than facebook. I use facebook to say happy birthday to my cousins, nieces and nephews, and that is about it! I personally am very real, but I don't every expect anyone else to be!