Hate Fake Profiles!!

Don't add me if you have a fake profile!! I will know and will do others a service by letting them all know you're phony. Best to keep your distance from me if you don't want others to find out. Got it?
hadyourchance hadyourchance
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Lol! I'm actually fascinated- how do you find out?
Although, I have my own hunch on how I might.

I use an Apple app called PicFind. It searches on Tineye, Google Images & Karma Decay and gives you results on all three search engines. You should download it from the App Store CableDawg. I know you use Apple products.

It's on the iPad & iPhone.

Too easy.

Me or Cabledawg? Because I don't use Apple, by the way.

Lol! "He"! Lol!

I'm not a he!! You should know that very well CableDawg.

By the way...did you check out the app?

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Totally agree. What you see is what you get should be the motto.