I Have Been Fooled By A Fake Profile...

People who do this remind me of Brad Paisley's song from a few years back called "I'm So Much Cooler On-Line" or something like that.

I would much rather be real and have people like me for me than have people think I'm something I'm not and like someone who doesn't exist.

I once had a friend who lied to me about almost everything he ever told me...
...his age was a lie (he was about 25 years older than what he led me to believe)
...his marital status was a lie (he was married but told me he was divorced)
...his parental status was a lie (he had 3 children but told me he had none)
...his pictures were fake (they were of his oldest son)
...his occupation was fake (he was an office administrator; he told me he was a teacher.

I don't know what else he lied to me about honestly but I will never understand why he did what he did. I've been told by others that he was most likely lonely at home and created another life to feel better about himself. That made it okay to subject me to emotional abuse? I do consider it to be emotional abuse. I cared about him...I cared about someone who didn't exist.

It's wrong to make yourself feel better at the expense of others. If you are doing this, you need to remember there are people here with feelings that can be hurt and hearts that can be broken. It's wrong.

He was actually the reason that I left EP the first time.
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This is why I've stopped doing long distance or online relationships :P

That sucks, but unfortunately people are an easy target with the (un)fortunate anonymity of being on the innerwebz. Sorry you were duped but don't feel bad - you had no reason not to trust him in the first place. Maybe next time you can demand a photo of them with them holding a piece of paper with your name on it lol

ahh good one!

I agree, that is a good one! I just never thought I'd be in a position where I'd have to ask someone to prove to me that they were who they said they were. I am now engaged to be married so I don't foresee something like that happening to me again. I'll have friends, nothing more.

How about guys who pretend they are women! You get alot of that on EP.

I've heard that. I still don't understand it.

Wow- what a horrible thing to go through. I'm sorry

Thank you. It was horrible but it was a long time ago.

Still what a douchebag

Yes, I agree.

wow! so sorry. well, my story, unfortunately, is real, regardless of what hubby says

Thank you. It was a long time ago.

oh well glad you're back. ep is about the only place I can be TOTALLY and COMPLETELY real and not lie for some reason or another.

It's one of those sites where you'd think people would be honest...but not all are unfortunately.

no i totally agree

I agree, EP is the only place I can really be myself too...waaaayyyy too many judgemental people in real life.

yes that is true, true for me

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