Why Do You Need To Pretend?

I recently noticed there are people who put up a fake profile...Not one but TWO! They can be nice in one profile..and bitchy the next...

I even noticed some created a profile just to know you better ...but behind the curtains..they are are not the person they claim to me.

Very sad... cos I thought EP is a place where we can be ourselves...we can confess freely...we can vent... we can listen to real stories... we can share and help those in need...   Guess I am wrong after all.  Either that ...or I am just too naive till today hoping there are still honesty in human being.

So whoever that is reading this and I have added you in my profile... If you are not real.. please remove yourself from my circle.  I wont' mention names.. but you may leave my circle by pulling yourself off my group.  Or I can just delete you .. Your shout.


Thank you.

Eternal Eternal
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

This is the internet , you should not expect anything or get surprised by anything. <br />
Some people think that because their behind a keyboard they can do/be anything so making a fake profile trying to look awesome is something common.<br />
Other people have self esteem or other type like problems so by making themselves a better person with a fake profile they think it can help and so on.<br />
Keep searching don't let others get the best of you.

I have the same problems too on My Space. There is this young blonde chick who pretends to be someone else, claiming that she is moving into your neighborhood. This girl would also trick people into coming into her home site, just so she can scam people for their money.

If thats the case.. I just need to do what need to be done.