There was a disabled kid in my school and one of the boys in my class who thought he was the **** use to keep bullying him. He was one of those arrogant ******* hotshot types. He used to pick on every person in our school. Luckily, though, karma got him back. I know I shouldn't say this but I do feel very, very happy for everything that happened to him afterwards. I think he deserved it 100%. :)
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when i went to school i went to an all disabled kids school, and it made life very hard when i left cos i didnt know how to act around abled boddied people i think its great that disabled kids are integrated more in society now, but its still a long way from enough, i hope he had alot of friends

is the kid he made fun ok i hope you don't mind me asking

yepp, he's doing alright now. he actually moved (and so did I) so we are no longer in contact with each other.