The Sorority King And Queen Of The Soccer Club

i was at the end-of-season soccer trip down the coast. the team's former coach from two years back - and respected club committee member - and his fiance - who is the most experienced and respected player in the team - were telling a very funny story. i could tell it was funny, because they were laughing their heads off and they are very popular people.

anyway, the gist of the story was that they were at a pop concert (or whatever poxy genre of music they listen to) and a guy behind them was screaming his head off, really excited, so the former coach started screaming his head off even louder, and it was oh so funny because he was doing a much better job of being a retard. this behaviour, mind you, coming from coach/committee/star player material...

now i had my young autistic son standing right next to me, and it occurred to me that the guy at the concert was probably a high functioning autistic person. so i said "that's real nice..." "what?" "the guy is probably autistic or something" and i reminded them of my son, who will grow up to be high functioning autistic. and they reckon "no, he wasn't autistic, he just wasn't right in the head".

well, helloooo? there's the whole problem right there. the guy was obviously autistic *or something* and they're writing him off as "not right in the head" or whatever words they used, i can't remember now.

i don't have a problem with them being silly and immature by screaming along with the guy. that's good clean fun. what i *do* object to is the disrespect in judging the guy to be ****** in the head.

yeah, i did object before they said that, but i already knew that was their attitude because of the way i have been treated in the club, as both a disclosed and an undisclosed aspie.
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that is wrong and mean of them the need knowledge I have aspergers syndrome and have been made fun of and bullied thoughout my life