I Am A Handy Cap

Im lisa54 I was born with out sweat glands and no oil pors I can not be out in the sun cause I cant sweat . I have no glands or pores I retain all my fluids there is only three ways to get rid of my fluids. Peeing is one way you can guess the other two. Every time I get a shower I have to put hand lotion on my body or I break out with red itchy dots like chicken pox . I am an albino. and ive been cut down by employers and other people. that dont believe me . I even went into the army to prove I would serve my country know matter what my medical problem is. I had a four star general kick my as out after I told him why I came in the army. I spent two weeks in the hospital before I got out of the service. On a medical dis. I was told I didnt have to go in the service but I did any how. When I got out I was called every thing but desent. even from my father.Yes I still have my 214 and medical papers.No I didnt get discharged for being a cross dresser they didnt know I was one but it was fun In there with all though dicks swinging in the shower.Now I have colaps lumbard and bad shoulders.THOUGH WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES!!!! I could go on but I think I said enough.
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

That's so terrible to be teased and humiliated. Mean people suck.

Yes there is. I imagine a lawsuit would be very stressful.

no one should be made fun of