It is Tragic

Disability is not brought on them, but it is a tragic situation that they find themselves in.

When we were kids, we did not see the disability of others as that serious until it was explained to us by adults or guardians the reasons the disabled find themselves in.

It is hurtful to even witness the fun and bullying that the disabled have to endure. In addition to their suffering, we need to take it upon ourselves to explain it more to our children at a much younger age so that they do not grow up to bullies.
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Well said...I totally agree as I have 2 learning disabilities myself..though my IQ is very high I still struggle...most people can be very ignorant I've noticed, but what they don't notice is that their ignorance reveals their true stupidity and character flaws

Very well spoken! Disabled people are still people, with feelings of their own. They mostly struggle enough already without being bullied. In my eyes, the bullies are the ones who are disabled here, because they are not able to look further than the disability.
I totally agree, about learning the kids to respect others, no matter who they are. If only everyone would do that, the world would be a better place to live in!

If only more would see it our way.

great post thank you I am disabled aspegers syndrome and a learning disability

My thoughts and love go out to you. I can only hope that you find the strength from abov to cope each day.