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Apathetic Heartlessness

There is something I will never tolerate. Nor will I turn a blind eye. We are all souls living a human life. Some are blessed through compassion and some are blessed through experience. Intolerable madness is ruining this planet. Heartless apathetic souls that can not put themselves in the shoes of others. We all have a purpose and responsibility to our fellow man. Whether they understand or not. It's not about these bodies. It's not about what one lacks. Because we all lack something. Outwardly, it's just a trivial idea of what false truths we have distastefuly made for humanity. Because someone bares a handicap or disability, does not mean they lack a heart and drive to have dreams and full lives. My son is Autistic. He is beautiful, courageous and a blessing to anyone who meets him. He is a long sufferer, but will never show it. An example to all who shut there eyes to benevolence. We all have something. We are all disabled.
SilentBluemoon SilentBluemoon 36-40, F 10 Responses Jan 19, 2013

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Very well said! A couple of years ago, I spent quite a bit of time in a wheel-chair. During my travels there were quite a few people that ignored me, even when I obviously needed help, but I have forgotten those ignorant morons. The ones I still remember were my angels...the ones that went out of their way to assist me in any way they could. One kind gentleman pushed me all the way up the ramp from the underground museum at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. A lovely lady helped me get up a could of long hill at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, also in St. Louis. These are just two of my angels...people with kind hearts...who helped make my journey more enjoyable.

Take good care of that beautiful child that has been entrusted to your care.

Only now that I can have access to the full version of the site again could I rate it up. I also read it again...beautiful.

Well put.

Well written and you are so right.

Thank you timelesseyes. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

May I borrow your words to say, "This post is beautiful, corageous and a blessing to anyone who reads it". You are blessed to have such a son, and so is he to have you as his mom. :)

Thank you for your kind response. I'm honored as well.

You said it very well. we are Souls in this human condition. I am honored to be able to meet you. Hare Krishna

Thank you my sweet raindrop

Thank you my sweet daisy.