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I was born with slight Cebral Palsy so i walk with a limp.Growing up i was called many names crip manly and many others not so nice names.Once a man told me that "back in the olden times they often killed people like you"and after he said this just walked away.I am 54 now and still get stares from people who should know better.So when i see a child being made fun of are looked at horrible my heart goes out to them for they deserve to be loved not hurt by people who dont care to understand how they feel.So i say to you all "The next time you see someone like me give them a smile speak to them and say a kind word you will never know how much it will mean to them. For i myself have been there and a kind word and a heartfelt smile means the world when your a bit different.Thanks for reading my story...Deannie
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Thanks for your story Southernwoman, I work with disabled adults and I have seen it first hand. I know it is not easy coming online and sharing your story, but I think it is inspirational. I wish everyone understood how incomplete they were, and until one has experience with a personal disability or some one they care about develops one they cant understand the pain of teasing. I also have a autistic nephew. He is inspirational to our whole family. True blue kid he is, when he is happy one cant help but be happy. He has problems hiding how he feels. They call that disabled, but I call it honest! If only everyone was so blessed. Thank-you for your story and God Bless you for speaking out when some others cant!

I know exactly what you mean but dont hate them people who react toward the disabled in a negative way, pity them after all its ignorance .I have a disabled son and we love him dearly and he is very loving in himself they are all special .We used to get angry before someone pointed out to us how ignorant people can be so now it no longer bothers us .as long as my son is happy is whats important .

no one should be bullied I have aspergers syndrome and a learning disabikly and was bullied growing up

i grew up with it too, i have spina bifida and all that goes with it x