I just hate it when people at school joke about people being autistic and a downie.. It's not funny it hurts peoples feelings and how do you know if that person isn't best friends or related to someone who is special needs. You can't say what you want to people when you like. It's not fair. My best friend is 47 and he has Down's syndrome he was always there for me as a kid and I still talk to him now. He's never hurt me and I've always stood up for him. It just sickens me to think that some people out their are actually stupid enough to make fun of them. Rant over... Just needed to say this. Doesn't make sense but who cares!
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I care ! Lots if other people care too. I can't stand people who make jest of vulnerable people. Every human being can become vulnerable at some point in their lives. Every human being should be treated with respect regardless of their social , mental, emotional and intellectual make up

I am a hady capt purson and it makes a lot of sents to me you are on of the good people in life keep it up hun

Some peoples disabilities,I dare say,are more internal.

I'm disabled myself and I get stared at because I have a limp because I suffered a stroke while I was in a coma! My speech is impaired also!! People think I'm crazy when I talk!

I suffered my stroke while I was in a coma!! I suffered a devistating injury while fighting for our country in Iraq!!! How is ur nanny doing now? I know how devistating suffering a stroke can be!! I lost half of my vision and I was parilized in my entire right side for two years!!

Good for u!

Thats great! I'm so happy for her! I suffered my stroke at a young age. Your granny wasn't young and that's very rare for a person of that age to be doing well!

Good things take time! So I will continue to get better!! The most improvement comes in the first year!

Unfortionately it's been 2 1/2 years for me!! But I will keep working hard!!

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