Its Disgusting

Three years of my school life I went to school which had a class for disabled kids. Those kids were mostly with Down's Syndrome or some other kind of disability where no matter the age their mental age wasn't higher than 5-6 years old.
We walked the same corridors, ate at the same cafeteria, sometimes we even helped their teachers or were reading to those kids. This experience had a big impact on my life. Those kids are harmless, very open, trusting, defenseless and their feelings can be easily hurt. 
And those who dare to make fun of such kids are immoral, disgusting and disgraceful! Such people should be taught a lesson. I can't stand those who have the nerve to make fun of disabled kids, even if it's just behind their backs.
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When I was younger I would teach such children to swimm! One kid was so good I got him up to Walsh swimming standard and he was in the spechel games. It was the best day of my life to see him taking on the best in the world for spechel needs!

couldn't agree less. they are people at the end of the day.

People like that needs to really stop and think, that the people they are making fun of are most likely to be smarter than them. They are the real retarts and needs to get a more fashionable life instead of trying to detroy people who does.

I so hear you TBT11 and agree 100%

I know. I went to school with a downs syndrome girl when I first started high school and she was lovely. She use to sit with my friends and I at lunch and be in our groups sometimes during class. She was great fun and really happy all of the time.<br />
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One day I saw this guy I knew from my primary school over talking to her and sticking his tongue out and making fun of her. She didn't know what he was doing and was smiling away at him. I stormed of to him and I was seconds away from lamping him until he caught me coming up to them and he ran for it. (He is a plain bully, used to make fun of me all the time in primary until I beat the crap out of him in the street one day. =D But he always just moves onto someone else.)<br />
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After that I talked to her and then when she left I went to our Guidance teacher and reported him. He had the nerve to ask me in class one day if I had told on him and I said yes cos a little **** like you deserves it and he never bothered me again after that.<br />
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The girl moved away after our 2nd year to a school for special needs kids which I thought, personally, was better for her than a public high school environment.<br />
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The only reaction to bullying of special needs/disabled people, especially physical, is to beat the crap out of them and to show them what it's like to be vulnreable. It angers me even to just read stories of special needs/disabled people being abused and bullied. There up there on my list with child and animal abusers.<br />
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My little sister is autistic and has the mental age of around 3-8 depending on the task or time. And if anyone ever took advantage of her or physically hurt her me and her big brother and three older sisters would make sure they didn't find that persons body.