People Saying They Want To Be My Friend And Then Ignore Me

This happens to me often online. Hasn't happened here yet but it may soon. People on websites will message me saying they want to be my friend or ask me if I want to be. I say yes and we chat and then they ignore me after that or never come online again. We may also be chatting in PM and then they start to ignore me. They claim they are busy but I don't buy it because they never talk to me again when they are not busy anymore. I don't know if they are being flakey or if I said the wrong things to them or they found out I am not the type of friend they want and they can't even be honest with me about it so they claim they are too busy. But it hurts and I stopped taking friendships so seriously. I see everyone as an acquaintance and I have thought about giving up and just ignore anyone who wants to talk or is interested in me but then I would have no one to talk to.

girlwithanxiety girlwithanxiety
26-30, F
May 19, 2012