Not only that, but who talk to you and it really legitimately seems like they do like you, and you can tell that they do, but the moment you're out of their mind, it's like you dont really exist.
Or, for another thing, when someone really likes you, maybe unknowingly simply for the idea of being with you rather than for you, and you say you aren't interested, and conversation just dies off.
Like... I'm sorry im not interesting if I dont want your heart or want to let you in.
RianBennett RianBennett
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People who deceive others and lie to you about their feelings towards you clearly have issues. They want to feel like they have power or control over another individual, because deep down their insecure and don't even like themselves. There is the manipulative submissive side that will ignore you and the aggressive side that will angrily lash out. People like this do not take responsibility for their actions, their immature at heart.

I dislike that too. It makes me sad because I trust people so easily too.

For me, if a person seems legitimately interested, I will too. I like to think that I can tell when someone is fake or not. But recently, someone talked to me and he thought i was a really cool person, then basically liked me too much too soon. I told him that I'm not here for that, and we pretty much stopped talking.

Hmmmm I've heard my guy friend saying that he can't be friends with girls he likes too much or got rejected because it feels too painful. Maybe that's why he stopped talking to you too.