Excuse Me, Are You Going to Pay For That?

I really hate people who steal.  What I hate even more is that my company hardly does anything to prevent shoplifting.  I work for a large-chain bookstore.  On Tuesday nights, it is literally just me and my boss, so I will do the register and try to assist costumers, too.  No big deal.  Tonight, this guy comes in and approaches me at the register.  He's looking for a book, doesn't know the name of it or anything.  He gives me nothing to go on, but I start searching the computer and finally find it.  Took about ten minutes, I guess.  The whole time, the guy is talking me up, complimenting my jewelry and how he appreciates my help.  Blahblahblah.  He's not young, either.  He was about 65 with long white hair.  Finally, I find the book and take him to the section.  Again, he tells me how nice I am and how much he appreciates my help.  The book is a hardcover.  It's $28.00.  I leave him and head back to the register.  Two minutes later, he goes through the security gate and the alarm goes off.  I call to my boss that he stole a book and she shrugs.  I was furious!  I wanted to go after him, but our store policy is that we can't pursue shoplifters.  And for $28 the police aren't very concerned either.  I'm just really angry that he had the audacity to be so nice to me.  This is why people annoy me so much.  They always have ulterior motives or maybe I'm just untrusting.  Either way, my compassion meter slipped a notched.

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5 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I hate people who steal from certain people! Like the poor stealing from the rich, I have no moral problem with, but the other way around, I do vehemently!

I'm thinking you and I work for the same company, lapinova.

I know exactly what you mean. The large bookstore I work for has cut the staff back so much that people can pretty much just take whatever they want, there aren't enough of us to see it every time and make it stop.<br />
I would be a lot more sympathetic if they were starving and stealing food or other necessities, but books can be obtained for FREE from libraries. There is NEVER any need to steal them.

Iagree with you. My life is worth more than the cost of a book. I guess what bothers me the most is that my company spends so much energy on halting the internal theft and do nothing about shoplifters. We even have to have bag checks performed by a manager whenever we leave the store. It's irksome.

I worked in a similar environment several years ago, only they EXPECTED us to run out of the store chasing anyone who stole something from the store. I kept picturing the scenario of me being shot for a pair of earrings or boots. I simply refused to place my life on the line for a cheap trinket. I would often make excuses and pretend I didn't see the shoplifter. Needless to say, I left that job fairly quickly.