My Mom!

My mom has a smacking issue,that is very severe. I talk to her and tell her " mom I think you need to save up for a new flipper." She just look at me with a blank stare and say " I don't have no money to get a new flipper." Why do you think I said to save up! I really wish my mom would consider. I mean everyone in my family is annoyed about her smacking. The same goes for me. I don't like smacking in general even myself smacking so my mothers is simply no different.

This morning for an example I was doing some school work and my mom was eating a health bar or whatever you call it and she just went every where with it! I had to listen to some music...
I'm currently learning french and it helps in learning it.

I could still hear my mom smacking! urgh so I listen to this at the same time.
Thank goodness it was gone! I hate people who smack...
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Jan 24, 2013