I Hate People Who Smack Their Food...

i really do 

hate the way certain people eat...

the way they slurp their soups

the way they eat bread...

the way they smack their mouths

when eating a sandwich or eating 

meat... how do they not expect me 

to give them a dirty look...

i study their mouths, you know!

and i cringe... CRINGE! 

the way thin lipped people eat spaghetti..

the way full mouthed people drink coffee...

when drinking water form the fountain... 

when chewing on taffy.

i hate it.. 

mmjgg mmjgg
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

ever think you have issues too? really let it go. you're obessing over something that is well just not in your control...relly you need to let it go.

let it gooo let it gooooo XD